From Humble Beginnings – Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1985

Super Mario Bros. (PC10)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1985
Genre: Platformer

It goes without saying that¬†Super Mario Bros. is a classic. It brought the fundamentals of gaming to a new level and cemented its role in video game history early on. I still remember playing the arcade machine at the laundromat near my house when I was a kid. Most players’¬†first memories of video games are with this one- but the real question is, as usual, whether it stands the test of time.

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Stranger in a Strange Land – Super Mario Bros. 2 – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1988

Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1988
Adventure Platformer

Every great series hits a few speed bumps on its way to greatness. Sometimes, the developers reach a limit to their creativity and sometimes, they go just a little too far with their ideas. Historically, these deviations don’t tend to be picked up so well by the fans of the series. While a given series may not fail because of it, the dark spot will always remain on the fans’ minds. Continue reading