Twitter Topic – What is Your Favorite Game for Every Year You’ve Been Alive?

mario and luigi with babies

Everyone loves talking about their favorite games.  That is, after all, part of what being a ‘favorite’ is all about.  Recently on Twitter, some folks came up with an idea: “what are your favorite games from each year you’ve been alive?”

Sure.  I can talk about 30+ games.  I love games.  I know what my favorite things are.  I thought to myself how simple this could be.

I was also terribly wrong.

Filtering through the lists of games that came out from each year, I was a little stumped in the early years, and by the time I got to the Super Nintendo days, I had to slough off a lot of games to narrow them down to my favorite for that year.

Special thanks to The Well-Red Mage (whose awesome site is here and well worth a visit once you’re done here) for doing his own list that inspired me on to do mine!

Now, without rambling on any further, my list of favorites games from each year I’ve been on this Earth-

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From Humble Beginnings – Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1985

Super Mario Bros. (PC10)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1985
Genre: Platformer

It goes without saying that Super Mario Bros. is a classic. It brought the fundamentals of gaming to a new level and cemented its role in video game history early on. I still remember playing the arcade machine at the laundromat near my house when I was a kid. Most players’ first memories of video games are with this one- but the real question is, as usual, whether it stands the test of time.

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Stranger in a Strange Land – Super Mario Bros. 2 – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1988

Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1988
Adventure Platformer

Every great series hits a few speed bumps on its way to greatness. Sometimes, the developers reach a limit to their creativity and sometimes, they go just a little too far with their ideas. Historically, these deviations don’t tend to be picked up so well by the fans of the series. While a given series may not fail because of it, the dark spot will always remain on the fans’ minds. Continue reading