Twitter Topic – Get Down With The Sequelitis

dr mario nurse peach

In a recent post over in The Well-Red Mage’s neck of the woods, he brought up a topic I’ve had conversation with some folks about over the course of my gaming career that I realize I haven’t posted at length about:

“What video game series got infected with Sequelitis?”

As a fan of many- many- horror movie series, the concept of sequelitis is not a new one to me.  Once a series hits a certain point, they start to shows symptoms:

Maybe a character comes back completely changed, shrugging off everything you knew about them.  Maybe your favorite action movie decided to appeal to a new demographic and has a forced romantic subplot.  What if the locale changes from a quiet blood-soaked summer camp to a space station?

…okay, that series was a little sick by then anyway, but you get my meaning, I hope.

Why don’t you grab a seat while I diagnose a few gaming series that may have fallen to illness for a time- but bear in mind, you’re always welcome to a second opinion elsewhere!

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Not Quite As Exciting as the Original- It’s… – Super Nintendo – Ghoul Patrol – 1994

Super Nintendo
(c) 1994
Genre: Horror Run-and-Gun

Flashback to a younger and more starry-eyed gamer. Obsessively playing through Zombies Ate My Neighbors engaged my interest in another game, but one that most people haven’t heard of, let alone played or owned. I, of course, saw one advertisement and immediately begged my parents for the game.  After much searching, a little game called Ghoul Patrol joined my ever-growing collection. Not only did this sequel fall completely off of the radar before it even landed on it, but even die hard Zombies fans have never heard of it for the most part. “What’s the deal?” you might ask, “How could such an awesome game have such an invisible sequel?” Well, the answer is simple.

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