Want to check out some folks gaming in action?  Below are some of the folks that stream that I’m friends with or associated with in some way, shape, or form.

(Note that dates and times are subject to change, but the times listed below are the times that these streamers aim for consistently.)


Check Out 76Trombones’ Stream Now

My partner-in-crime when it comes to gaming and content creation hype, Trombones and I have spent a lot of time together, on and off of the gaming battlegrounds. He’s jovial, hard-working, and if you want to talk about beer and cheese, his channel will be quite a treat for you.

While he plays a few different genres, his focus tends toward action adventure games like Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed. Alongside his wife, 110Cornets (they’re cute, right?), he’s good for a laugh, a jump scare, and a generally good time!


Sunday: 6PM EST
Monday: 6PM EST


Check Out Hivixas’ Stream Now

I met Hivixas through Spark shortly after she and I had met and we’ve been buddies ever since we bonded over Fire Emblem. Generally a chill dude and streamer, he dabbles in a lot of story-based games. He also tends to read along at times which is a bit of a draw for me, at least.

Given his propensity for narrative-driven games, you’ll probably see a lot of RPGs if you check out his channel, ranging from Fallout to Final Fantasy and beyond! 


Monday: 7PM EST
Tuesday: 7PM EST
Thursday: 7PM EST


Check Out Sparkhive’s Stream Now

Spark has been one of my best friends since we shouted excitedly about Final Fantasy IX at each other.  Not only has she proven to be an analytical and adept gamer, but she’s also an amazing artist and shows some of her work on her channel.

She is a bit of a variety gamer, both in generation and genre, but she keeps a running list of games she’s interested in streaming so feel free to drop in and check out her latest adventure!


Sunday: 7PM EST
Tuesday: 11AM EST
Thursday: 11AM EST