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a.k.a. Matt
Specialty: Role-Playing and Horror
hahnavMatt’s been a gamer as long as he can remember- and a writer almost as long as that.  He may barely remember what most of those games were, but in the past few years, he’s been digging up those memories and making some new ones by digging into the video game scene of yesterday and today all over again.  Since the days of his Colecovision (yeah, he doesn’t remember much about it, either), he’s been fairly obsessed with video games and video game related history and things.  Now, he writes about all of that on a fairly regular basis in the little corner of the Internet he’s dug out for himself and others like him.

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Twitter: @the3rdplayer


a.k.a. Alex
Specialty: Platformers, Beat’em Ups and Roleplaying
Alex began haunting arcades as a child, and his love of gaming only got worse once he finally got some home consoles. runeIn addition, reading from a young age left him the desire the write and tell the world as much as he can about any number of subjects, in particular video games. With an obsession with history tempered by his love of gaming, cataloging and writing, it was only a matter of time before he would finally set his sights on the 3pstart blog.