3PStart began as a corner of the Internet for the less-represented gamers; the gamers outside of the common demographic.

Once the original blog started picking up steam, it became a place for gamers who wanted to game for the sake of just enjoying games- learning about the history of games, seeing how game unfolded, and predominantly communicating about, at the time, games of yesteryear.

What kind of things will you find here?


I love letting people know how game stack up, especially old-school games.  While there is a foray into current gaming and gaming news, the meat of 3PStart is aimed at dissecting games from the less modern systems in both a modern sense and against other games of the time.  Through analysis of the plot, discussion of the visual and aural presentation, and working through the mechanics of the game in question, my goal is to comb over popular games of the time as well as shine light on some games people may want to check out that they haven’t seen before.

Opinion Pieces and Editorials

Gaming is more than just one work here or there.  It’s a hobby, a pastime, and in some cases, a passion.  Gaming means something different to everybody, and with an ever-shifting environment with new and ambitious ideas being presented everyday, there is always something to be commented on or explored.  There will be lists of favorite types of games, explanations on conversations regarding certain aspects of games.


One of my favorite things is to teach people things about games they might not have otherwise known.  Why did certain games take the direction they did?  What were the influences that spawned certain parts of games?  Where are the Easter eggs that string one game to another?  Sure, plenty of folks know these things, but for those who might not- I enjoy the explanations and illuminating these points to them.

In the end, my goal is that community will learn a little bit while they’re here, but if not, I hope that you’ll at least have some fun reading some of the musings that I, and soon a few others, have to offer!  I enjoy trying to foster positivity in the community- even if my reviews may not always be positive- and connecting with other folks who want to do the same!

Have any comments?  Questions?  Want to chat about games or hear what I have to say?  Follow me on Twitter ( @the3rdplayer ) or shoot me an e-mail at 3pstartgaming@gmail.com.

Happy gaming, everyone!

~ Matt