Never Had a Friend Like This! – Super Nintendo – Aladdin – 1993

Disney's Aladdin SNES Title Screen

Genre: Action Platformer

When I was younger, I certainly fell for the “game based on a movie so I’ve got to have it” ploy a few times.  Thankfully, since I was a big fan of Disney movies growing up, I managed to have more good games to play through than awful ones.  Anyone who played Disney games growing up knows that while there were some stinkers, they had some of the best movie-to-game translations in the business.  Case in point: Aladdin.  Now, Aladdin was released on various systems, and while the gameplay was not so different between platforms that it detracted from the concept, each system seemed to get its own version that was individual from the others.  Since I grew up on the Super Nintendo version, I decided to go back and play that one.  My apologies if you played through the Sega version and feel neglected as this review continues.

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A Solid B- in Theology – Super Nintendo – Actraiser – 1991

Genre: Platformer/Simulation

Ah, Enix.  Before they merged with the super power that was Squaresoft, they had a large library of games that they released.  Most people know these games, but unless you were a super fan of the company, you might not have realized you were playing their games.  One popular game that seemed to drop off of the Earth’s face once the Super Nintendo was obsolete was a now classic called Actraiser.  The game tried a lot of new ideas to the North American gaming market.  How many of them succeeded, though, and how many hold up now?

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From Unlikely to Unlikeable – Super Nintendo – Lester the Unlikely – 1994

Genre: Platformer

I have mentioned in various conversations, the idea of games having ‘heart’ and that it helps some of those games thrive where they may not otherwise.  The same can be said for the opposite side of that idea.  Some games either try too hard and demolish their ‘heart’ or they try to put up a façade of ‘heart’ for the sake of sales.  Looking at the surface of Lester the Unlikely, a Super Nintendo game with a cult following, one could see that this game falls into one of those columns.  Which one, however?

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