When Film and Games Collide – PC – Phantasmagoria – 1995

(c) 1995
Sierra Online
Genre: Point and Click Adventure/Horror

Video game controversy is something I’ve been very intrigued by since the days of Lara Croft and her ever-expanding polygons back on the Playstation.  As many of my gaming cohorts know, I’m also a huge fan of horror games.  Unsurprisingly, these two things go hand in hand more often than most people think, or at least they used to.  While most people know of the Night Trap controversy that contributed to the ESRB ratings we know of today, another game came out on the PC around the same time that had some heckles raised: Phantasmagoria.  Really, though, how does a controversial game from the mid-90s hold up on the controversy scale nowadays? Continue reading

R.S.V.P. At Your Own Risk – Nintendo Entertainment System – Uninvited – 1991

Uninvited (U)_001Uninvited
(c) 1991
Genre: Point-and-Click Horror

Survival horror games shot into the limelight around the age of the Playstation in the US.  Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill brought the idea of being scared to death into the mainstream, so far as console video games were concerned.  When you think of the Nintendo Entertainment System, you certainly don’t think of frightful or gory games right off the bat (and if you do, you certainly had a different childhood than I did).  Uninvited was a game that I remember seeing some kind of advertisement for when I was younger but can’t for the life of me remember anything about except for the title.  I remember also being afraid of the Friday the 13th game that I had, so I didn’t invest time into finding the game until my later years.  When I finally did pick up Uninvited, I found some of the charm that I had expected mixed in with some Gothic horror dripping off of it.  How is the game now that I’m old enough to hold my own against its terror?

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Tick… Tock… – Super Famicom – Clock Tower: The First Fear – 1995

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Human Entertainment
(c) 1995
Genre: Point-and-Click Survival Horror

There are quite a few terrifying games that I’ve played through, and very few have left an impression like the Clock Tower series. They’re atmospheric and not as well-known as some other horror series.  The first of the series, Clock Tower: The First Fear, the translation origin of the American series of the same name, never made it over here officially, but the impact it has made in the horror community at this point is undeniable. Stacking up for
the season, how does this game rate? Well, you’ll have to read more to find out… Continue reading

You Might Pray for Narcolepsy – Nintendo Entertainment System – A Nightmare on Elm Street – 1989

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1989
Genre: Horror Platformer

Apparently, in my attempt to get into the Halloween spirit early, I made a vow to play at least one game that makes me want to bang my head against the wall until death and then come back as an angry ghost. My first order of business when I come back will be to haunt anyone who owns A Nightmare on Elm Street and warn them of the evils therein. Once again, LJN has taken what could have been a promising idea and butchered it. Strangely enough, this time it was with help by Rare, which is a strange twist indeed.

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Not Quite As Exciting as the Original- It’s… – Super Nintendo – Ghoul Patrol – 1994

Super Nintendo
(c) 1994
Genre: Horror Run-and-Gun

Flashback to a younger and more starry-eyed gamer. Obsessively playing through Zombies Ate My Neighbors engaged my interest in another game, but one that most people haven’t heard of, let alone played or owned. I, of course, saw one advertisement and immediately begged my parents for the game.  After much searching, a little game called Ghoul Patrol joined my ever-growing collection. Not only did this sequel fall completely off of the radar before it even landed on it, but even die hard Zombies fans have never heard of it for the most part. “What’s the deal?” you might ask, “How could such an awesome game have such an invisible sequel?” Well, the answer is simple.

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