What Do You Do? – Goonies II – Konami – 1987

Goonies II, The (U)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1987
Genre: Adventure Platformer

Video games and film go hand in hand often enough. Almost every movie made in the 80’s has some kind of video game tie-in. With ease, you can find plenty of games based on movies. How many games can you find based on hypothetical movies, though?

Not many.

The sequel to The Goonies, the absolutely awesome kids’ adventure movie from the 80’s, is exclusive to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The world may never know why there was no sequel to the actual film or why the United States never saw the original Goonies game, but what they did get is a great, if not somewhat confusing, title to stock their pile with. Continue reading

The Sum of Its Parts – Abadox – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1990

Abadox (U)_002ABADOX
Nintendo Entertainment System 
(c) 1990
Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up games have a long history: Life Force, Gradius, 1942, and the list goes on. Among the flurry of Shoot ‘Em Ups produced for the NES, Abadox reared its head and joined the barrage. When I noticed that both Milton Bradley and Disney had a hand in this game, however, my head took a sharp tilt. This game is definitely a great shooter, but there’s a question that comes to mind about Abadox: is a game only as good as the sum of its parts?  Continue reading

Just Keep Looking Up – Bubble Bobble – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1988

Bubble Bobble (U)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1988
Genre: Adventure Platformer

Sometimes, a great game comes along that generations to come will plant themselves in front of and play for hours, despite inane length, recycled ideas, and the occasional cheap moments the game can give. Do those elements make a bad game? Usually. In the case of Bubble Bobble, though, it was the right formula for success. Continue reading

From Humble Beginnings – Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo Entertainment System – 1985

Super Mario Bros. (PC10)_001

Nintendo Entertainment System
(c) 1985
Genre: Platformer

It goes without saying that Super Mario Bros. is a classic. It brought the fundamentals of gaming to a new level and cemented its role in video game history early on. I still remember playing the arcade machine at the laundromat near my house when I was a kid. Most players’ first memories of video games are with this one- but the real question is, as usual, whether it stands the test of time.

Brace yourselves. Continue reading