The Beginning of a “New Era”


Hello to gamers old and new!

All right, there’s not an easy way to start off a blog- especially a blog that is pretty much just moving into a new place.  The original 3PStart started about six years ago, and while it was enjoyable, life soon got in the way and the site, much to my dismay, fell to the wayside.

Cut to now, where I have decided to throw myself into the blog as best I can.  I’ve enlisted a little help, so I won’t be the only one writing on here, and hopefully, that will mean some more varied content and points of view to check out!

Slowly but surely, the material from the original blog will move over here and, with time, there may even be a website and some other things in the future.  This means you’ll be seeing a whole bunch of old posts and reviews from the past (with a little editing) as well as some new content, including a bit of a focus on some more current things going on in the world of gaming.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and feel free to throw any questions or suggestions our way!

~ Matt a.k.a. the3rdplayer

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